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About Varied / Hobbyist Core Member NeoicefoxFemale/United States Group :icontibumeru: Tibumeru
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About Me

:star: Nicole :star:

So some of you may know that I am big into all things anime, videogame, and sometimes role-play. When I first joined this site, I just wanted to draw and connect with other artists that felt the same way. Those feelings still hold true to me.
I am also in my last year of Culinary school and that is actually a very scary thing for me but also very exciting.

Now....the most important thing to know about me is that I really, really love to eat Jambalaya. I'll take Jambalaya over Pizza any day~!

My Future projects

:bulletorange: Big Diner Picture-5% complete
:bulletorange: 2% complete (Elliot's origin story comic)
:bulletorange: 0% complete (Jenos' origin story comic)
:bulletorange: Make an original comic no group stuff
:bulletorange: Update all group applications (tibu) and clean out the old stuff~




I have been Tagged

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 15, 2016, 3:47 PM
This will be my last journal today~
So after two months..I've finally gotten around to doing this
Though I don't plan on tagging I already broke a rule. Shoot me.
Tagged by ChemiCATbutt
My OC: Elliot

Post 8 facts about your OC
Tag 8 other OCs
Post their names and their creators avatars

At Home by Neoicefox

"You want to know more about me?! Really?!!!! Well okay then....I don't mind telling you how awesome I really I am."

8 Facts:
1. "You know I love Beef Jerky. There is something so good about a piece of meat with that smokey goodness. That is one of the greatest things humans have ever created."

2. "Well apparently my awesome colors are based off of the Americans."

3. "Romance? I guess I like both guys and girls? You humans call it being Bi-sexual."

4. "Oh so I have some Betta fish in me, with some blue shark, and a dash of sea horse. I don't get it though..that is what is my Ma told me."

5. "You know how you humans like to go and get your thrill on? I live for adventures...that is how I get my thrill on."

6. "There was a dark chapeter of my life, where I loved to play dress up. Just makes me have the heebie jeebies just thinking about it."

7. "I prefer not to fight but if I did...I know how to use my teeth...just saying."

8. I have a knack for getting into trouble...mostly with you humans. How am I supposed to know you humans scare so easily.."

Just Thinking

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 15, 2016, 3:10 PM
It's been six years since I joined Deviantart.
Many things have happened during those years within DA and outside in real life. This account was originally created as a way for me to express what I enjoy to draw and wished to share my art with others.
I also have to admit, this account was my means to escape from stressful, hectic life I had during my first two years on DA.

I started to enjoy the role-play scene and meet fellow role-players. I've seen many come and go since then. But I always thought that I would never get too busy for DA and would somehow make this site part of a daily routine of mine. I have to admit that was a lot easier to do when I didn't have a job at the time and only went to school twice a week.

Now here I am thinking is there any point to continue on with this account. I hardly ever upload any deviations, I feel not motivated to start role-playing again. Maybe it's because some of the deviants I once enjoyed role-playing with, are not part of this community anymore. Or is it that I am just getting older?

I still do enjoy drawing and creating my own characters. That is something that will never die with me. I just don't know. Do I keep going with this account and only so often do I upload whenever I'm in the mood? Or Do I close this chapter of my life and move forward.

Just thinking about this makes me sad. I am not going to make that decision today. Though when I do decided, I'll let you all know.

Random Tibu design by Neoicefox
Random Tibu design
I was bored today and so I made this guy~
Not going to be official or anything though...
I like betta I went with that idea...and scrapped the Koi fish..part.
I know he is going to be part tiger shark~

Tibumeru species (c)NotDamien
Art by me
So no stealing >:T
Tibumeru: Tito V.4 by Neoicefox
Tibumeru: Tito V.4
I feel that this poor guy is one of those tibumeru, I just can't decide on a final look? This time around I went back and took color inspiration from his past forms and made something new~ I know that I will be drawing him a lot more often..since I do like how turned out. ))

Name: Tito
Appears: 22

:bulletblue: All things Green
:bulletblue: Sleeping
:bulletblue: Human watching
:bulletblue: Cans
:bulletblue: Sushi
:bulletblue: Cloud-gazing
:bulletpurple: Fire...
:bulletpurple: Books
:bulletpurple: Know It Alls
:bulletpurple: Taking his stuff without his permission
:bulletpurple: Sting Rays
:bulletpurple: His tiny horn.

:bulletpurple:Lazy/Brave- Tito is an easygoing but very lazy tibumeru. He prefers sleep almost over anything else but when he has to, he doesn't mind tagging along with friends.It is not a good thing to get him angry and it doesn't take much to get him angry. Also Tito likes to test his bravery by doing daring things and this would often lead him into trouble. Romance wise, Tito is not the best at going out on dates is a whole lot of effort. A date to Tito would be just sitting on the couch and watching television while munching away at cheesy puffs.

:bulletwhite:  Napping
:bulletwhite: Human watching ((Does not have an opinion on them yet))
:bulletwhite: Loves to collect energy drinks. (Does not drink them)

History:Tito was looked after by his grandfather when he was wee little lad. His grandfather was the kind of tibumeru that wanted Tito to grow up being open minded. Tito learned a whole lot from his grandfather when it came to the key skills needed to survive in the harsh ocean environment. When it came time for Tito to live on his own, his grandfather gave him the bear hat as a going away present. Tito was also told by his grandfather that the beings responsible for making the hat live on the surface. Eventually Tito moved out and started to explore the world.

During his journey, he met Jenos who told him about all the different things that humans have made and how he should also think about joining the Envisionist team. Although he liked the human stuff, Tito did not see himself being part of a team of any sort. Which is why he turned down Jenos and later on  Elliot. For right now, Tito just wants to enjoy his life..not being tied down to a team.  

Skills: N/A

Bad habits:
:bulletpurple: He may possibly drift off to sleep, if he finds the conversation uninteresting.
:bulletpurple: He has a tendency to touch things that he shouldn't.

Legend:Believes that a great magical painter painted them on a giant canvas and brought them to life.

Theme song: N/A

:bulletred:Jenos (friend)
:bulletred: Elliot (friend)

Team: N/A (He won't join any......yet :'D ))

:bulletwhite: He is 5'7"
:bulletred: He believes that he might be bisexual..but isn't sure~
:bulletwhite: He is supposed to be part narwhal, seahorse, and nervous shark

:bulletblue: Lv. 1
HP::star: 5
Attack::star: 7
Defense::star: 5
Speed: :star: 3
Intelligence::star: 5

Weakest Stat:Speed
Strongest Stat: Attack

RP Style:
:bulletred: Preferred RP:  I prefer Paragraph
:bulletred: Method:  I RP via Notes, Skype, Comment or Chat
:bulletred: Other RP Style: Script
:bulletred: Do you mind starting an RP? :: Yeah sure =w=
:bulletred: What are you not comfortable with? :: Ummmm..I’m okay with just about anything at the moment.
:bulletred: Language: English

Extra: Well I’m prone to making spelling or grammatical mistakes when typing…so please bare with me on that ono

V1. Tibu App: Tito by Neoicefox V2. Tibumeru: Tito by Neoicefox V3.Tibumeru Tito by Neoicefox 

Tito (c)Neoicefox
So no stealing >:T
Keaton by Neoicefox
So.....I wanted to draw some fanart of my favorite guy from Fire Emblem Fates
o3o so awesome and he wrecks shit up...whenever I have him in battle~
I want to draw Silas, Kaden, Kaze, and there is so much more o3o
So there will be more fan art~


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